La San Marco 20/20 Plug and Play Coffee Machine
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La San Marco 20/20 Plug and Play Coffee Machine

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All the fun of a professional coffee machine in the comfort of your own home.

20/20 Plug & Play machine is easy to use, with precision settings for steam and hot water. It comes fitted with an internal tank that can be filled manually or connected directly to the mains network. The special delivery nozzle ensures excellent coffee, with a thick, persistent cream.

The new model can use ground coffee, capsules or even Easy Serving Espresso filters. 20/20 Plug & Play introduces major new technological and technical features, such as the new back-lit keypad, which can preset up to five different doses of coffee. Also new is the display, with its modern, simple, intuitive interface that gives easy access to the custom programming and regulations (coffee delivery times, water temperature, pre-infusion, counters).

A machine that offers outstanding versatility and ease of use, bring the magic of a true Italian masterpiece into your home.

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