Toddlers: Five tips for keeping them safe

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Your child is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. They want to see what that boiling kettle tastes like, see just why you say electricity and water shouldn’t mix and try balancing on the fence just like the cat. Their ambition and confidence is inspiring but also extremely dangerous. 

Here are a few tips to keep your toddler safe and try and retain your sanity:

  1. Take away the plug blockers, by this I mean the plastic plug covers. If you don’t believe me there are lots of videos on youtube explaining how they actually attract toddlers (‘ooh, what does that do?’) and also make it easier to force open the shutters inside the actual plug. Distract your child away from the boring plug and they will soon forget about it
  2. Blinds, we all know that the cords are dangerous and need to be tied up but how about just giving yourself an easier life and switching to curtains. One less thing to worry about, hurrah!
  3. Worktop fun. My toddler loves to find a makeshift stool, box, step, chair etc. and get up on that worktop. ‘Ooh, what is this mummy?’ everything from a pair of scissors to the gas hob is exciting and of course very dangerous. Strategy? Stay out of the kitchen with them as much as possible during this phase. Move the dining table to the living room for a while. That way you can all enjoy a relaxed meal without any mountaineering.
  4. Hair Dryers and vacuum cleaners. Toddlers love these! They make fun sounds and actually do stuff! If you’re lucky enough to have another grown up in the house, let them babysit whilst you dry your hair in another room. Vacuum cleaners for toddlers can be bought online and are really fun for all the family. They are safe to use and a fun way to encourage them to tidy, thank you god of shopping.
  5. Finally, stairs. Early walkers will already be quite confident on these, late starters will still need a helping hand and everyone will need baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. If you’re lucky enough to live on one level, sit back and relax, you’ve got it sorted.

So that’s my list of top tips. A recent visit to the Health Visitor also reminded me that dishwasher tablets and any kind of batteries are also a big no no. They are extremely poisonous.

So how do we sleep at night with all these things to worry about? Toddler proof their room and if you’re lucky enough to have a toddler that actually sleeps, snuggle under your covers and relax. You’re doing a good job mumma (or dadda or carer!)

And if you’re blessed with 24:7 toddler like me, grab a Little Leopard Book Club Gift Set and get ready to play. Hopefully they’ll get tired at some point!

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